Website Development

Welcome to our world of Website Development

Pictama Ltd is a website provider in Carlisle, Cumbria. We can create, manage, edit and host websites to suit all needs. We work with you on a flexible basis to provide the best service to any client. Drop us a message today to find out more. 


Here at Pictama Ltd we aim to bring you the best of hosting. We have several options to suit all needs. We can host a website for you, develop and design a website and more. In terms of website hosting we have 2 options. Yearly or Monthly Charge. This includes the hosting of the website. If we developed and designed your website with will ensure your website is always updated. Making it more secure and making sure features are always working.

Yearly Fee of £200

Monthly Fee of £20

Website Design

At Pictama Ltd we aim to deliver a truly unique website for your needs. From portfolios, business websites and online shops. We use WordPress as our CMS to deliver your website. This allows us to customise a website to fit all needs.


Our pricing varies from project to project but please get in contact with us for a free quotation. Our base cost for designing a website starts from £100.

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