Our Team

Welcome to Pictama Studios. We, Anthony and Karla, are creators specializing in graphic design, web development, and printing services.

As creative individuals, we enjoy bringing ideas to life. This passion led to the birth of Pictama Studios in 2019. We established this company to provide services and have been growing continuously.

We are now expanding our client base and helping them achieve their business goals.

We have embraced the exciting journey ahead and built a brand around it. So, where does your adventure start?


Anthony -Pictama Studios
Anthony ParkInSon

Anthony is an accomplished digital creator, possessing a diverse range of skills that encompass photography, web design, and graphic design. His expertise in photography allows him to capture stunning visuals that resonate with the audience. His proficiency in web design enables him to create seamless, user-friendly digital platforms that make an impactful online presence. His talent in graphic design is showcased through his ability to create visually compelling designs that enhance brand identity. His work not only meets the demands of the digital age but also propels businesses towards their goals by creating a powerful visual narrative.

Karla - Pictama Studios

Karla is an asset to the business. Her contributions are invaluable, especially in the realms of graphic design and apparel creation. Her work is not just a testament to her skill, but also her dedication and passion for her craft. Producing amazing work that stands out in both quality and creativity.

Karla’s keen eye for detail is one of her strongest attributes, ensuring that no detail, however minute, is overlooked. This attention to detail is evident in the exceptional polish and precision, guaranteeing that our business always presents its best face to the world.